Despite "being on hiatus"/"taking things slow," sporadic label activity persists!

Slated for release between late August and mid October: tapes by HgM, Endurance, TAKAHIRO MUKAI, uBiK, and Ragged Lines. Plus a couple others (awaiting confirmation and audio masters.)

Still fresh:

"A Quo Primum/Bounty" by Piotr Cisak. A C16, limited to 15 copies. Listen to, and/or purchase it, through the link/player below.

"Metaphysical World Pieces #3" – a 14 track, almost 80 minute long download-only compilation / sampler / "virtual mixed tape" – is out now. "Name your price!" Intense gratitude to everyone who helped form it.

As you may have guessed, still I'm trying to figure out how to keep using this site, second to the more dominant(?) B-camp/S-cloud/F-book/Twit/Insta...